If Things aren’t Break’n, it Woudn’t be Boat’n

Well things have changed since my last post, on the 22nd…after passing through the Canal at 0700, had a fair day from threat of 20-25, making Stonington by 1900 on the dot. Gas dock was happy to see me, but closing in 1 minute, darn. Had great dinner at Dog Watch. Dobson`s n Dog Watch get high marks for helpful, friendly and just nice! Sat by fire after dinner made friends with Dan and Chris, Canadians bound south.

Next am fueled at 0800, 22g, picked up a mooring, had breakfast, delaying long enough to catch the in-bound current on the Sound. In sync with the tide, made Milford by1930. Town marina vacant and secured, I pulled in, walked  up the hill and had nice Thai dinner.

Of again 0645, bound for NY Maritime at Throgsneck, NE kicking me at 12-18, dropping hook at Little Neck Bay 1630. While checking the diesel, I saw it! That fine spray of coolant in line with the water pump (circulator pump),  I wigled the pump pulley easily…damn! Opening the coolant tank, no water showing. Like getting a flat on the  Cross Bronx…

Well, my intended destination was Manasquan, with a possible visit to my friend’s  David sister, in Atlantic Highlands.  Would the boat make East River passage? I opened the coolant tank, and removed the cap. Using the fresh water rinsing hose I installed, I’d kept refilling coolant tank, that was the plan! Hell Gate turned 0630, I was under way at 0650, 2500 rpm, adding water every 20 min or so.

At Sandy Hook I still had the current in my favor and want to get inside to the NJ ICW_1200 so outside it would be. Very lumpy NE swell overlaid with East long swell, real uncomfortable in the Albin. Sailors very suffering too as there was no wind. Manasquan inlet was a welcome sight at 1630, fueled at Hoffmans, 22g, this marina always has big current. Through the NJ rail bridge stopped a Hoffmans west, added more water, had burger and headed to Point Pleasant canal.

Found a nice shallow spot about a half a mile after the PP Canal and dropped the hook in 4′ and assessed how much further the boat could make it. September 24th 1900 hrs.

That night a decision that pump needed to replaced now! Finding a rare Peugeot water circulator pump was not going be easy! Found one on little website in Minnesota, dropped shipped from UK to Marshfied, I crossed my fingers! Good thing was NJ commuter rail’s last station, at Bay Head was about 2 miles away and after checking Active Captain for marinas /boatyards that were reasonable priced, I chanced upon Forsbergs. I called the owner of this family yard, Tom said he’d find a place for me.  By the time I just started my final docking maneuvers the engine was overheating filling the pilot house with steam. I shut it down 10′ from the slip.