Docked at Fishy Fishy


View of Fishy Fishy Cafe

After a 48 nm run from Goose Bay arrived at South Port NC 1610. Today’s passage was easy straight run although the 0715 start was in 500′ visibility with dense fog. Just as got in the channel a 50′ trawler passed me going about 4 kts. The captain was steering from outside the wheel house door, for better visibility. The trawler was flying the CCA burgee out of Damascotta ME, called the 8 Bells. Well I tucked in behind him, hell, who better to follow! He was twist’n n’ turn’n a bit and slowing way down, (likely want’d me to go ahead ) so let him go ahead that I could just see him in the mist. I’d hooked up the radar  (although the heading line is 20′ off) and had AP steering nice straight course, following the Garmin ICW course line, with Bells in the lead, I had some breakfast! Later I downloaded the Furuno installation manual and moved the heading line to read on the bow.

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