Heading Towards Charleston

Today nice run from Southport to an anchorage off the Waccamaw River in SC. 0725 to 1745, 58 nm.


Heart of shrimping, Bubba Gump east.

Here’s my anchorage on the chart.


Here’s a larger view.


The 0700 neighbors in the mist…


2 thoughts on “Heading Towards Charleston

  1. Danny,
    Great to see friends doing what I wish to do. The pump issue got resolved without damage? Looks like dining has been good for you. Did not see your ultimate destination but it is nice you are in southern latitudes. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. Stay safe.


    • Thanks Tommy. Yea pump went smoothly, with hoops to jump through. New pump acting fine..last fix was alternator bracket in Virginia and existing belt 1.75 to short! All is good now charge n temp normal. Yea the free restaurant dock end up costing more than regular dockage! LOL. The adventure continues, found a dock to stay for a while in Stuart.


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