Hold Up at Fishy Fishy

Well got out the weather for Sunday n Monday. Poured this am, wind NNE, E by afternoon and rain ending. Great spot here, stayed at 2hr dock (summertime ) for a little longer…Watched Pats on NFL Red Zone, as this is Panther country.

Yesterday saw Army Corp of Engineers cool 105′ work vessel, SNELL, steam into this tiny harbor!


If turn 180′ you see the mighty M/V INDIGO…


That’s Cape Fear  lighthouse in the distance.


Mondays lunch local shrimp, okra, peppers, grits with ham gravy. Gone crazy good!

3 thoughts on “Hold Up at Fishy Fishy

    • Well here in Darien had gator, roasted oysters, grilled whole flounder. Today last day, at dock, before jumping offshore. Ha, you retired long ago…as Andy Warhol once said about painting soup cans “it gives me something to do”


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