Entered St Augustine 0645 Wenesday December 09. Leaving from upper Darien River at 1000, on a wonderful ebb tide, I fueled at Morningstar marine at 1530. Decided to make the run outside to St Augustine from St Catherine GA. At 1600 headed  out the long, 6 nm channel, missing shoals to south. Conditions were not as flat as expected, very tough passage with abaft the beam seas. Boat did well, reset response on AP to 1. According to plan was reaching St A at dawn to see the marks, had throttle back to make ETA on schedule. Ran down channel as sun was appearing behind me. A welcome harbor, anchoring just off the inlet in Salt Run Creek. Took a nap…


Darien, Backwater Georgia

Was my intention to stop a short distance off the ICW in Darien Creek…but the the games tomorrow…and talk of a free dock up the creek. Well, 6 miles later, the Darien


docks at Skippers Fish Camp appear. Two big docks with no boats tied up, the commercial docks with a dozen or so shrimp boats. A find, off the beaten track, my kind of place. A sheltered spot just west of highway 17 bridge.



Goodbye Charleston


Returning from another Thanksgiving that couldn’t be beat..on the dock on Tuesday and bound south on Wednesday 0900 to add 45 gallons of diesel. Head towards John’s Island with a serpentine path ICW. Anchoring early at 1600 just east of the Limehouse  Brige, as cold front with squall line was passing.

Pulling anchor 0830 continued past John and Kiawah Islands and getting to Factory Creek just east of Beaufort SC. Anchoring well up the creek in 12′ of water, dragged some, laid minimal scope.

Underway Friday heading past Hilton Head down Calibogue Sound under a sunny sky and brisk cool Northerly. Stopping in the Moon River with a little more anchor dragging.


Saturday cold morning, going at 0930 good day, weather same, passing numerous ocean inlets, Ossabaw, St Catherine’s, Sapelo, Doboy…this Black Beard country.


The landscape is miles and miles of marsh, with twisting and turning channel. Palm trees and Spanish Moss are mixing in more and more. Marsh grass denser and shorter.

Light getting low as we head into Saturday night, good looking side river here…but where does it go?…

Arrived in Charleston…

Docking much earlier than expected on Thursday the 12th at Maritime Center. Wanted to continue offshore, but Florida was a stretch, with winds building to NE 15-20 towards the end of the 36 hour passage. I have a fuel range about 350 nm and hate approaching destination with a small amount of fuel in rolling conditions. My Thanksgiving  Amtrack was on the 20th, so not making St Augustine was an issue and supposedly had complementary dock for my New England  Turkey Trip. Hell, there’s worse places to hang for a week…!


Great arriving about noon, to this close to town marina. Weather was perfect, met my friend Scott that night for drinks apps, in the Market St. area. Stopped at cigar bar for some SC leaf (actually DR leaf). Total 75 degree night, les femmes magnifiques!


The next 5 days spent, riding the trolley, doing laundry and fixing my Singer Feather Weight, from the dump…and repairing the pilot house canvas. Met some friendly cruisers heading south…

It’s strange underway…the sailors don’t wave because I’m Power and power guys don’t wave because I go 6 knots… it seems only the experienced understand  that small is beautiful, get it!

But in a marina everyone says hello…”what beautiful boat” , then I channel my father and start telling stories…always interesting folks on the dock. This is one reason cruising is enjoyable to me!


Didn’t get the comp’d dock…headed back to have a wonderful TG with Dave n Gail, worried about my place…


Then Prius

road trip


On the Road Again

But now I’m back, afloat.