Arrived in Charleston…

Docking much earlier than expected on Thursday the 12th at Maritime Center. Wanted to continue offshore, but Florida was a stretch, with winds building to NE 15-20 towards the end of the 36 hour passage. I have a fuel range about 350 nm and hate approaching destination with a small amount of fuel in rolling conditions. My Thanksgiving  Amtrack was on the 20th, so not making St Augustine was an issue and supposedly had complementary dock for my New England  Turkey Trip. Hell, there’s worse places to hang for a week…!


Great arriving about noon, to this close to town marina. Weather was perfect, met my friend Scott that night for drinks apps, in the Market St. area. Stopped at cigar bar for some SC leaf (actually DR leaf). Total 75 degree night, les femmes magnifiques!


The next 5 days spent, riding the trolley, doing laundry and fixing my Singer Feather Weight, from the dump…and repairing the pilot house canvas. Met some friendly cruisers heading south…

It’s strange underway…the sailors don’t wave because I’m Power and power guys don’t wave because I go 6 knots… it seems only the experienced understand  that small is beautiful, get it!

But in a marina everyone says hello…”what beautiful boat” , then I channel my father and start telling stories…always interesting folks on the dock. This is one reason cruising is enjoyable to me!


Didn’t get the comp’d dock…headed back to have a wonderful TG with Dave n Gail, worried about my place…


Then Prius

road trip


On the Road Again

But now I’m back, afloat.


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